Sullivan Peak
3022m (9915ft.)

Located between Arctomys Creek (Valley of the Lakes) and the Glacier River; 3 km southwest of Mount Erasmus. Banff Park, Alberta Major headwater Saskatchewan River.
Latitude 51; 56; 25 Longitude 116; 56; 15, Topo map 82N/15
Can be seen from Highway 93N

Named by James Hector in 1859. Sullivan, John W. (John Sullivan was the secretary and astronomer with the Palliser Expedition.) Official name.

First ascended in 1940 by ACC Party

Photo: Looking southwest to Sullivan Peak from the Icefields Parkway south of Saskatchwan River Crossing

Other Information
Photo: Looking west to Sullivan Peak from the east end of Glacier Lake (courtesy Gerry Hopkins)

John W. Sullivan was teaching at the Naval Academy at Greenwich where he was regarded as an efficient mathematician and sextant observer. Upon the recommendation of Dr. Edward Purcell of the Academy, Sullivan was appointed to the Palliser Expedition and took charge of its astronomical observations and secretarial work.

James Hector would have noticed this peak when he visited Glacier Lake and the Glacier River below the Lyell Icefield in 1859.

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