Sheol Mountain
2776m (9108ft.)

Located in Paradise Creek Valley southwest of Sheol Creek. Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 23; 00 Longitude 116; 13; 20, Topo map 82N/08
Can be seen from Highway 1

Named by Samuel E.S. Allen in 1894. The mountain was named because of the gloomy appearance of the valley at its base in contrast to nearby Paradise Valley. "Sheol" is the underworld of the dead in Hebrew. Official name.

First ascended in 1903 by Topographical SurveyJournal reference AJ 18-111.

Photo: Looking southwest to Sheol Mountain (Saddle Mountain at right) from the Bow Valley
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Other Information
Photo: Sheol Mountain from the north (courtesy Bennett Wong)

The steep northeastern facing cliffs of Sheol Mountain looms over Sheol Valley. The mountain is actually a high ridge that extends one kilometre west of the summit of Haddo Peak.
Scrambling Routes
Mostly moderate scrambling. Though an unlikely choice for a first scramble at Lake Louise, Sheol Mountain does give impressive views of Paradise Valley area, especially Mount Temple's forbidding north face. Sheol is not a prominent peak, but merely the end of Haddo Peak's north ridge. It shouldn't be called a separate summit, but it is. The approach trail is excellent, so if you've done other nearby peaks, or want solitude while watching the usual crowd on Mount Fairview, give it a go. Try from July on. Kane, Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies page 232

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