Mount Richards
2377m (7799ft.)

Located in the Upper Waterton Lake Valley south of Bertha Lake. Waterton Park, Alberta Major headwater Oldman River.
Latitude 49; 00; 40 Longitude 113; 56; 35, Topo map 82H/04
Can be seen from Highway 5

Naming: Richards, G.R. (Admiral Richards was the Second Commissioner of the British Boundary Commission which delineated the border from the Pacific to the Rockies. Official name. Other names Sleeping Indian Mountain

Photo: Looking south-southwest to Mount Richards from the Prince of Wales Hotel

Other Information
Looking west to Mount Richards from Waterton Lakes (courtesy Edwin Knox)

Mount Richards is the southernmost mountain in Canada along the western shores of Upper Waterton Lake.

The summit is the highpoint at the end of the ridge that is partially hidden by a closer outlier of Mount Richards.

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