Mount Collembola
2758m (9050ft.)

Located in the Kananaskis River Valley 2 km northeast of Mount Allan; southwest buttress of Skogan Pass. Kananaskis Park, Alberta
Latitude 50; 58; 20 Longitude 115; 12; 00, Topo map 82J/14

Panorama viewpoint: Deadman's Flat; Harvie Heights. Can be seen from Highways 1 and 40S

Named by Don Gardner; Dave Smith "Collemobola" are sixteen-eyed snow fleas which appear on cross country ski trails. Unofficial name.

Photo: Mount Collembola from the east on Highway #40
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Photo: Mount Collembola from the southwest on Highway #1at Dead Man Flats

Mount Collembola is an outlier of Mount Allan, lying to the northeast of the main mountain. In the early 1970's, Jan Sharp was studying collembolas, a sixteen eyed snow flea) on Devon Island in the Arctic for her doctorate. As the species was also found between 2600 metres and 2800 metres on the mountain, she regularly hiked up to that level to take soil samples. Don Gardner and Dave Smith, who were working at the Ribbon Creek Hostel at the time, were so impressed with her tenacity that they named the mountain after the creature she was studying. (Oltmann)

*A hiking route to the summit is described in Gillean Daffern’s Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Volume 1.

For a panoramic view from the summit of Mount Collembola visit

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