Mount MacLaren
2850m (9350ft.)

Located on the continental divide south of Carnarvon Creek; south buttress of Gunsight Pass. High Rock Range, Kananaskis Park, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Bow & Kootenay rivers.
Latitude 50; 21; 30 Longitude 114; 47; 25, Topo map 82J/07

Panorama viewpoint: Highwood Gap; Cat Creek. Can be seen from Highways 40S and 541

Named in 1918. MacLaren, Charles H. C.M.G. D.S.O. (Brigadier General MacLaren commanded a brigade of Canadian artillery during WW I.) Official name.

Photo: Looking west-southwest to Mount MacLaren from the Highwood Valley
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Looking south-southwest to Mount Maclaren from Highway #40

Mount MacLaren is a complex peak with four individual summits, three of which lie on the Continental Divide and a fourth that is entirely in British Columbia.

The col between Mount MacLaren and its neighbour to the north, Mount Strachan, is known as Gunsight Pass.

Brigadeer-General Charles H. MacLaren graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1905 and went on to command a brigade of Canadian artillery during the First World War.

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