Mount Harris
3299m (10824ft.)

Located between the Clearwater River and Martin Creek 3 km northeast of Mount Willingdon. Banff Park, Alberta Major headwater Saskatchewan River.
Latitude 51; 46; 30 Longitude 116; 12; 55, Topo map 82N/16

Named in 1957. Harris, Ley Edwards (While working for the Dominion Land Survey in 1929, Mr. Harris became the first to climb the mountain.) Official name.

First ascended in 1919 by Morrison P. Bridgland; L.E. HarrisJournal reference CAJ 18-54.

Other Information

Ley Edwards Harris (1890-1983)

Ley Harris worked with surveyor Morrison Bridgland for some thirteen years beginning in 1918.

A summary of Harris's time with Bridgland is included in "Mapper of Mountains" and is based on an interview of Harris that was recorded by Lizzie Rummel. Included is a detailed description of the first ascent of Mount Harris.

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