Mount Barlow
3120m (10237ft.)

Located on the continental divide at the southern edge of the Freshfield Icefield. Banff Park, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Saskatchewan & Columbia rivers.
Latitude 51; 42; 20 Longitude 116; 48; 35, Topo map 82N/10

Named by D.B. Dowling (Dr. Dowling was an engineer in the Geological Survey of Canada) in 1916. Barlow, Dr. Alfred Ernest (A member of the Geological Survey of Canada and consulting geologist who, with his wife, drowned in the Empress of Ireland disaster in the St. Lawrence River in 1914) Official name.

First ascended in 1930 by E. Cromwell, J. Monroe Thorington, guided by Peter Kaufmann. Journal reference AJ 43-79; AAJ 1-403.

Photo: Looking north-northwest to the southern outlier of Mount Barlow from the Mummery Creek Bridge on the Blaeberry River Road

Other Information
Photo: (l-r) Jones Peak, Mount Gilgit, Mount Helmer, and Mount Barlow outlier from the Mummery Creek Bridge on the Blaeberry River Road

One of the more unique "patterned" mountains in the Rockies, this outlier of Mount Barlow is at the southern edge of a high ridge, 1.4 km south of the summit. It features numerous thin, parallel beds of alternating light and dark gray strata.
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