Valad Peak
3250m (10663ft.)

Located at the head of Coronet Creek, 1 km north of Mount Henry Macleod. Jasper Park, Alberta Major headwater Athabasca River.
Latitude 52; 32; 20 Longitude 117; 20; 55, Topo map 83C/11

Panorama viewpoint: Maligne Lake. Can be seen from Maligne Lake Road

Named by Howard Palmer in 1923. Valad (An Indian guide, Valad travelled widely in the Rockies in the Jasper area.) Official name.

First ascended in 1923 by A. Carpe, W.D. Harris, Howard PalmerJournal reference AJ 36-103.

Other Information

Glacier clad, Mount Henry Macleod is the highest peak seen from Maligne Lake, and the lower, rock covered mountain just to its left was named after his Metis guide, Valad. Henry Macleod was the CPR surveyor who first saw Maligne Lake in 1875. Arthur Coleman named the mountain after him in 1902 but it was forty-four years later that the nearby peak was named for his guide. Valad made some efforts to retain the original names given to features by the natives or the early Metis in the Athabasca Valley area. While guiding Sir Sandford Fleming, the great Canadian scientist and railway executive, he had discussions with Sir Sandford regarding, "the old local titles of the mountains..., but every passer-by thinks that he has a right to give his own and his friends' names to them over again."
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