Pic Tordu
3216m (10552ft.)

Located north of Shackleton Glacier. Park, Major headwater Columbia River.
Latitude 52; 10; 40 Longitude 117; 56; 20, Topo map 83C/04

Named by Schwab in 1923. The mountain resembles one of the same name in the Alps. Unofficial name.

First ascended in 1972 by M. Kingsley, R. Lidstone, J. Mellor, R. Reader, P. RobinsonJournal reference CAJ 56-82.

Photo: Pic Tordu from the northwest on Mount Shipton (courtesy Alan Kane)
Photo: (l-r) Tusk Peak, Mount Irvine, Mount Shackleton (beyond), Mount Chettan, Mount Shipton, and Pic Tordu (beyond) from the northwest on Reconnaissance Ridge (courtesy Rienk Lakeman)

Climbing Routes
West Ridge II 5.3
The nearest route to the hut. The W Ridge route is not difficult - in fact, it is never necessary to rope up. It is recommended that you combine Pic Tordu with a traverse to Shackleton to make a very worthwhile outing. Unfortunately, the usual descents all go down the other side of the mountain and require a long walk back. However, an alternative descent to the hut may be possible. Dougherty, Selected Alpine Climbs page 228
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