McDonnell Peak
3261m (10700ft.)

Located on the continental divide 1 km southeast of Simon Peak; one of the peaks of Mount Fraser;. on the border of Jasper & Mount Robson parks, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Athabasca & Fraser rivers.
Latitude 52; 39; 10 Longitude 118; 18; 10, Topo map 83D/09

Named in 1921. McDonnell (McDonnell was the family name of Simon Fraser's wife. She was the daughter of Colonel Allan McDonnell of Ontario.) Official name.

First ascended in 1919 by A. Carpe, R.H. Chapman, Howard PalmerJournal reference AJ 32-56.

Photo: Looking southeast to McDonnell Peak from the summit of Simon Peak (courtesy Glen Boles)

Other Information
Looking west-southwest to McDonnell Peak (left) and Bennington Peak

This massif known as Mount Fraser is made up of Simon Peak, Bennington Peak, and McDonnell Peak. Simon Peak is the highest of the three.
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