Chaba Peak
3212m (10539ft.)

Located on the continental divide in the upper Athabasca River Valley southeast of Chaba Glacier. Jasper Park, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Athabasca & Columbia rivers.
Latitude 52; 12; 00 Longitude 117; 40; 20, Topo map 83C/04

Named by Interprovincial Boundary Survey in 1920. Coleman named the Chaba River (Stoney Indian for beaver). In 1902 Jean Habel applied the name to a peak two km NE of the currently named Chaba Mountain. The Interprovincial Boundary Survey subsequently "moved" the name to the current Chaba Mtn. Official name. Other names Pimple Mountain

First ascended in 1928 by E. Schoeller,, guided by J. Rahmi. Journal reference AAJ 3-59, CAJ 35-93.

Photo: Chaba Peak (courtesy Brad Harrison)

Other Information
Photo: Chaba Peak from the south-southwest (courtesy Brad Harrison)

The mountain has also been referred to as Pimple Mountain because of its shape when viewed from some angles.
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