Mount King Edward
3490m (11451ft.)

Located on the continental divide at the head of the Athabasca River Valley; 5.5 km west of Mount Columbia. Jasper Park, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Athabasca & Columbia rivers.
Latitude 52; 09; 30 Longitude 117; 30; 10, Topo map 83C/04

Panorama viewpoint: Ranger Hill. Can be seen from Highway 93N

Named by Mary Schaffer in 1906. King Edward (King Edward became the King of England in 1901.) Official name. Other names Manitoba

First ascended in 1924 by J.W.A. Hickson, Howard Palmer, guided by Conrad Kain. Journal reference AJ 37-306.

Photo: Looking south 43 km up the Athabasca River Valley to Mount King Edward from Highway #93 at the Ranger Hill Viewpoint
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Looking north to Mount King Edward from the edge of the Columbia Icefield, directly west of Mount Columbia (courtesy Dan Ronsky)

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Note that there is also a King Edward Peak in the Canadian Rockies, just north of the border.

King Edward VII was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and was 59 years old when he became King in 1901. His mother had allowed him no political influence at all and it is said that he resented this. Affectionately known as "Bertie" by his family, he lived a self-obsessed life complete with many mistresses and much self-indulgence. However he did change British foreign policy, gaining the goodwill of France and beginning active rearmament, his concern being Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm.

When Jean Habel was exploring in the upper Athabasca River area in 1901, he referred to the mountain as Mount Manitoba.

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