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List of Peaks by Highway

This page enables users to select the peaks that can be seen from a particular highway. In order to be included, the peak must be visible as one drives through the mountains on the highway or fairly close to the peak from the highway in the foothills. Peaks seen from the east at a great distance are not included.

Mountains seen from minor roads adjacent to the main highway are included as well. For example, if Highway #1 is selected,  peaks seen from Highway #1A, the Bow Valley Parkway, and the Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Yoho Valley, and Emerald Lake access roads are included as well.

This feature is under development and there will certainly have been some oversights. Please email if you find errors or have any suggestions.

Please note:
    40S        -Highway #40 between Highway #1 and the junction with Highway #541
    742        -Also known as the Smith-Dorrien Road in Kananaskis Country
    93N       -The Icefields Parkway from Jasper to the junction with Highway #1
    93S        -The Vermilion Pass Highway from Castle Junction to Radium
    93SS      -This highway follows the Kootenay River from Fort Steele to the international border
    940N      -The forestry road that travels north from Highway #1A through Benchlands
    940S       -The forestry road that travels south from Highway #40 to Highway #3
    22           -Only peaks visible to the west from the portion of Highway #22 between Longview and Highway #3 are included