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Former/Other Names for Peaks of the Canadian Rockies

At least 150 peaks in the Canadian Rockies have been or are being referred to by names other than the name used in the primary Peakfinder database. The majority of these are names that were previously used and were changed when the mountain was officially named.

Some have had more than one name, Mount Edith Cavell having carried at least three prior to the name in official use now. In some cases, such as Yamnuska, the name has remained in common usage even though it is no longer the mountain's official name.

The names in the right hand column below are peaks that will be found in the database of mountains at the top level of Peakfinder.

Former or Other Name Current Name
Anderson, Mount Centre Mountain (BC)
Angle Peak Michael Peak
Avalanche Ridge Emerald Ridge
Battleship, The Grizzly Mountain
Beehive, The Ha Ling Peak
Bellevue, Mount Mount Bell
Bertha, Mount Mount Alderson
Black Bear Mountain Mount Crandell
Black Pyramid Mount Chephren
Boundary Peak Omega Peak
Boundary Peak Pope's Peak
Bullrush Mountain Roche Boule
Buttress Mountain Mount Horsey
Cameronian Mountain Cameron Mountain
Castle Mountain Windsor Mountain
Charity Third Sister (Three Sisters)
Chinaman's Peak Ha Ling Peak
Citadel Mountain Mount Matkin
Clattering Mountain Klapperhorn Mountain
Cloud Cap Mountain Mount Robson
Consolation, Mount Fresnoy Mountain
Curly Mountain Mount Pauline
Dais Mountain Blackfriars Peak
Devil's Fang Mountain Phantom Crag
Diaz, Mount Mount Swiderski
Dome, The Snow Dome
Douglas, Mount Mount Kitchener
Dragon Peak Draco Peak
Drewry Tower; Mount Horsey
Ehagay Nakoda Mount Lawrence Grassi
Eisenhower, Mount Castle Mountain (Alberta)
Emerald Mountain Mount Carnarvon
Emerald Peak The President
Eye Opener Mountain Mount Michener
Faith First Sister (Three Sisters)
Fitzhugh, Mount Mount Edith Cavell
Flat-top Mountain Plateau Mountain
Gable Mountain Mount Darrah
Geikie, Mount Mount Edith Cavell
George, Mount Gap Mountain
Geraldine, Mount Whirlpool Mountain
Glenn, Mount Mount Glen
Goat Mountain Vimy Peak
Goat's Tower Sunburst Peaks
Gould Dome Tornado Mountain
Green, Mount Mount Victoria
Habel, Mount Mount Des Poilus
Hanbury Peak Mount Ennis
Hazel Peak Mount Aberdeen
Heejee Mount Fay
Hidden Peak Mount Des Poilus
High Peak Mount Alan Campbell
Hogan Mountain Klapperhorn Mountain
Hoodoo, Mount Monte Cristo Mountain
Hope Middle Sister (Three Sisters)
Horn Mountain Mount Ermatinger
Huntington, Mount Cirrus Mountain
Iyatunga Mountain Rearguard Mountain
Kadoona Ex Coelis Mountain
Katherine, Mount Wedgewood Peak
Kitichi Mount Sir Alexander
La Montagne de la Grande Traverse Mount Edith Cavell
Lifter Mountain Solitude Mountain
Little Grizzly Cinnamon Peak
Lookout Mountain Brewster Rock
Lost Peak Lunette Peak
Lyamnathka Mount Laurie
Lyell One Rudolph Peak
Lyell Two Edward Peak
MacDonoughs Bluff Klapperhorn Mountain
Mann, Mount Grizzly Mountain
Massive Mountain The Monarch
McGillivray, Mount Brazeau Mountain
McMullen, Mount Mount Marpole
McMullen, Mount Mount Carnarvon
McNicol, Mount The Vice President
Millionaires Peak Anderson Peak
Minnie Ridge Bury Ridge
Misty Mountain Brouillard Mountain
Moose Mountain Mount Howard
Mountain of the Spiral Road, The Mount Robson
Mummy Mountain, Mount Ptolemy
Needle's Eye, The Allison Peak
Nichols, Mount Collier Peak
Nom Mount Little
Norwegian Peak Mount Strom
Nyahe-ya-'nibi Mount Cadorna
Nyahe-ya-'nibi Mount Battisti
Nyahe-ya-'nibi Mount Swiderski
Old Baldy Mount Baldy
Pamm Mountain Swoda Mountain
Patricia, Mount Mount Fryatt
Paul, Mount Elpoca Mountain
Pelee, Mount Mount Fitzwilliam
Perch, The Ribbon Peak
Pheobe's Tit Mount Michener
Pimple Mountain Chaba Peak
Ptarmigan Peak Titkana Peak
Pyramid Mount Clemenceau
Pyramid Mountain Mount Chephren
Pyramid, The Mount Glasgow
Pyramid, The Mount McPhail
Rattling Mountain Klapperhorn Mountain
Resolution, Mount Mount Phillips
Roaring Mountain Numa Mountain
Rooster Comb, The The Comb
Rosco, Mount Courcelette Peak
Sagowa Mount Tuzo
Saknowa Deltaform Mountain
Sapta Mount Perren (Ten Peaks)
Sentinel Mountain Sentry Mountain
Sentinel Peak Elliott Peak
Seven Sisters, The Yellowhead Mountain
Shappee Mount Allen
Sharp Tooth Mountain Shark Tooth Mountain
Shaughnessy, Mount The President
Sheep Mountain Mount Crandell
Sheer Cliff Gibralter Mountain
Sleeping Giant Mount Ptolemy
Sleeping Indian Mountain Mount Richards
Snow Cap Mountain Mount Robson
South-east Tower Eisenhower Tower
Steacie, Mount Revenant Mountain
Steeples, The Seven Sisters Mountain
Street Mountain Mount Boswell
Sturdee Camera Station #1 Mount Strom
Survey Peak Mount Strom
Table Mountain Mount Armstrong
Terrace Mountain Mount Rundle
Three Lakes Ridge Rainy Ridge
Three Nuns, The The Three Sisters (Alberta)
Thumb, The Mount Paul
Thunder Mountain Fulmen Mountain
Thunder Peaks Whitegoat Peaks
Tip Top Mountain Mount Hunter (Alberta)
Toot Toot, Mount Mount Bridgland
Tower, The The Fortress
Trinity Mountain Three Sisters (BC)
Turner, Mount Whitehorn Mountain
Turret Mountain Tower Peak
Upper Arrow Bow Peak
Waskahigan Watchi Mount Rundle
White Douglas, Mount Mount St. Bride
Wind Mountain Mount Lougheed
Window Mountain Allison Peak
Yahareskin Coliseum Mountain
Yamnee Mount Bowlen
Yamnuska Mount Laurie
Yuh-hai-has-kun Mount Robson

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